What is Typhoid?

Typhoid is a highly contagious infection caused by eating food or water contaminated by the bacteria Salmonella enterica serovar Typhi. Typhoid is common in parts of the world that have poor sanitation and limited access to clean water.

Who is at risk from Typhoid?

Worldwide, children are at most at risk of developing typhoid fever because their body’s natural defences against infection and illness is still developing. However, children experience milder symptoms compared with adults. Typhoid is uncommon in UK. Most people become infected while visiting relatives in Bangladesh, India or Pakistan. People visiting other parts of Asia, African and South America are also at risk.

What are the symptoms?

Symptoms of typhoid fever usually develop 1 or 2 weeks after a person becomes infected. The main symptoms are:
  • persistent high temperature that gradually increases each day
  • headache
  • General aches and pains
  • Extreme tiredness (fatigue)
  • Cough
  • Constipation

As infection progresses, some people lose appetite, feel sick, may have a tummy ache and diarrhoea and/or develop a rash.

DC Travel Vaccination Service?

Typhoid fever is found throughout the world but is more common in areas where there is poor
sanitation and hygiene. High risk areas include:

  • The Indian subcontinent
  • Africa
  • South and Southeast Asia
  • South America

Vaccination is strongly recommended if you are going to be staying or working with local people, or
if you are going to be staying for prolonged periods in areas where sanitation and food are likely to
be poor.

You will be offered one of 2 main vaccines i.e.

  1. Vi vaccine – given a single injection or
  2. Ty21a vaccine – given as 3 capsules to take on alternate days.

A combined typhoid and hepatitis A injections are also available for people aged 15 or over.
Protection against typhoid lasts 3 years.

Can I use the DC Typhoid Vaccination Service?

The service is suitable for adults and children who are travelling abroad:

    • Visiting a country where medical facilities may be limited (recommended)

This service is not suitable to those that:

  • Have had severe reactions to typhoid vaccines in the past.
  • Have weakened immune systems e.g., those with HIV or those undergoing chemotherapy
  • Are pregnant

Your DC pharmacist will double check your suitability for the vaccine.

What are the side effects to the Typhoid Vaccine?

After having the typhoid fever vaccine, some people have temporary soreness, redness, swelling or hardness at the injection site. About 1 in every 100 people may have a high temperature. Less common side effects include:

  • Abdominal pain
  • Headache
  • Feeling sick
  • Diarrhoea
Severe reactions are rare for both typhoid vaccines.

What happens next?

  1. Book a virtual consultation via online portal
  2. A DC pharmacist will review your suitability for the yellow fever vaccine service
  3. Receive vaccine at our centres

How long will this take?

The first consultation will take 15 – 30 minutes (depending on your past medical history). The vaccination appointment will take 30 minutes (including 15 minutes observed wait in case of severe reaction)

What else do I need to know before Appointment?

Vaccines work by stimulating the body to create antibodies (infecting-fighting proteins) that prevent you from getting ill if you become infected with typhoid bacteria. However, the vaccines are not 100% effective ads such we recommend taking precautions to prevent infection such as:  Only drink bottled water from a bottle that was properly sealed, or water that’s been recently boiled.

  • Avoid ice cream and don’t have ice in your drinks.
  • Avoid uncooked fruits and vegetables, unless you have washed them in safe water or peeled them yourself.
  • Avoid shellfish, seafood and salads.